I know there is so much controversy between chiropractic and medical care, but if it were not for chiropractic I would still be in pain. A car accident left me with constant lower back pain. I tried everything from painkillers to preparing to have surgery. I heard stories from my friends who had surgery and to this day wish they never had it. So I decided to go to a chiropractor before the surgery and I am so thankful that I did. My back pains are gone and I am living my life to the fullest and pain free.

Jeffrey Harris
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Gary R. Smith, DC, DIBE

pic_smith1.jpgDr. Smith opened Clinton Square Chiropractic in 1995 and has provided chiropractic therapy to thousands of patients since that time.  Dr. Smith's practice focuses on spinal injuries sustained in work and automobile accidents.  He has extensive experience in treating soft tissue injuries, including disc herniations.  He is one of the few Doctors of Chiropractic in Western New York who is certified in spinal decompression therapy and he also holds a Diplomate in Electrodiagnostic Medicine and is qualified to perform Needle EMG and Nerve Conduction Studies.  Dr. Smith is the President of General Diagnostic Associates, a diagnostic company which provides comprehensive electrophysiological evaluations on referral from other health care providers including medical physicians and other doctors of chiropractic. 

Dr. Smith earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, NY in 1995. Dr. Smith continued his education through National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Illinois and obtained certification in Electrodiagnosis in 2002.  He obtained Board Certification in Electrodiagnostic Medicine in 2005 through the International Board of Electrodiagnosis. 

Dr. Smith is currently a board member of the International Board of Electrodiagnosis and serves as its treasurer.  Dr. Smith is a member of the International Academy of Chiropractic Neurology and the New York State Chiropractic Association.  Dr. Smith is also is on the faculty of Neurodiagnostic Consultants and teaches neurophysiological techniques across the country to other practicing doctors at the post-graduate level. 

Dr. Smith is a former United State Army Combat Medic and was a paratrooper with the elite 82nd Airborne Division located at Fort Bragg, NC. 


Jeffrey A. Ross, DC, DIBE

pic_ross.jpgJeffrey A. Ross, DC earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College. Additionally, Dr. Ross earned a Bachelor of Science degree from SUNY Brockport where he graduated Summa Cum Laude, with majors in both biology and chemistry.Dr. Ross has been the recipient of several academic honors and awards including the NYCC Distinguished Service Award, the Clarence N. Flick Research Award, the ACS Analytical Chemistry Award, and the ACS Chemistry Achievement Award.

Dr. Ross joined Clinton Square Chiropractic & General Diagnostic Associates in 2002. Prior to joining Dr. Smith, Dr. Ross practiced in both Upstate NY and North Carolina. While in private practice, he worked in both Chiropractic and Multi-disciplinary clinics that focused on the treatment of neuromusculoskeletal injuries and disorders.

Dr. Ross received his post-doctorate certification in Electrodiagnosis through New York Chiropractic College. He currently is a co-instructor for Neurodiagnostic Consultants and assists in training other doctors in the area of Evoked Potentials.  He is board certified in Electrodiagnostic Medicine by the International Board of Electrodiagnosis.  He is a board member of the International Board of Electrodiagnosis, serves as the boards Secretary, and is Chairman of the Annual Symposium Committee. 

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